082 New Mexico Innovation Triangle, with John Rizzo

Join Bob and Shelly as they interview John Rizzo, the CEO and co-founder of the New Mexico Innovation Triangle.  John is leveraging the power of innovation and tech for the common good.  John shares about some of his Silicon Valley experiences with Apple and Intel with the STEM Southwest listeners, and his current work with the New Mexico Innovation Triangle. […]

Getting Girls Into Tech, with Dr. Shelly Gruenig

How do we get Girls Into Tech and keep Girls Into Tech?  In today’s episode, Shelly shares her emotional STEM story and how her 6th grade science fair project boosted her desire to learn more science and tech. Shelly shares about her first Radio Shack computer that was purchased with money that she earned delivering newspapers.  She grew up in what […]

080 Entrepreneurial Excellence through Perseverance, with Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala

What started with a class project led to an entrepreneurial journey and innovation in the informational technology company, RiskSense.  Today’s guest, Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala, openly shares the challenges and victories of his amazing race.  In 2021, Ivanti acquired his company and he now serves as Senior Vice President of Security Products.  Sri impressed Shelly while openly sharing his journey during […]

079 Bootcamp Ingenuity, with Andrea Sisneros Wichman

This week’s guest, Andrea Sisneros Wichman, helps us dive into the subject of training and how it influences the STEM workforce. The CNM Ingenuity program offers a wide range of immersive technology training in addition to Coding Bootcamps. In 8-12 weeks, you can learn, apply the knowledge through project-based learning, and then walk into a new career. These programs are […]

078 Discovering Fintech at FinCon21, with Ryan Ruff and Jake Tamarkin

This week’s episode is a double dose of Fin Tech!  Join Bob and Shelly and learn about FinCon21, where money and media meet, and also hear from some of the interesting folks that they met and some great tools for your financial future. Show Notes Watch episode here Ryan Ruff is Head of Fintech Relations at ASA, bridging the gap […]

077 Deloitte is Building the STEM Workforce Pipeline, with Celina Bussey

Celina Bussey is a Specialist Leader at Deloitte and this week’s guest on STEM Southwest Podcast.  Her rich experience in workforce development gives amazing insight into this deep dive discussion about the future of the STEM workforce.  Shelly and Celina discuss workforce solutions and innovations as well as the important and growing work happening at Deloitte. Show Notes Watch episode […]

076 Bridging the Digital Divide for Tribes, with Catherine Nicolaou

Today’s guest is working to ensure that the gap in the digital divide for Indian tribes is closing!  Catherine Nicolaou and Sacred Wind Communications are leveraging all of the resources that they can reach and then some as they try to solve this daunting issue.  Hear from her today about how organizations are partnering to make a difference and bridge […]

075 STEM Education Disrupted, with Dr. Rebecca Woodbury (Keller)

Today’s guest, Dr. Rebecca Woodbury (Keller), is a scientist, chemist, educator, cyclist, and curriculum expert!  In this episode, she and Shelly have a great discussion on how to disrupt education and what needs to be done to provide a greater STEM experience for students.  Join them and consider what you can do to take action and help to infuse education with […]

074 Mastering Space Logistics, with Jonathan Firth

Please join us today as we have an interesting discussion with a repeat guest, Jonathan Firth, who is Chief Operating Officer at D-Orbit, an international New Space company with solutions covering the entire lifecycle of a space mission.  We first met Jonathan as the organizer of the Las Cruces Space Festival and met him again at a robotics competition while […]

073 Sparks Fly with Utility Merger and Zozobra, with Ray Sandoval

Join Shelly and her guest today, Ray Sandoval, Director of Corporate Communications and brand management at PNM Resources, talk about key issues including sustainability and environmental leadership.  Ray also shares his love of Old Man Gloom, Zozobra, and explains the technology involved in lighting a fire to burn away troubles! Show Notes Watch episode here Ray Sandoval is the Director […]