Ep 003 DNA Discovery, Paul Szauter

  Paul Szauter Today we have scientist and entrepreneur Paul Szauter as our guest. Listeners are going to be interested in the DNA Discovery that Paul and his team have made as well as how that discovery is disrupting the centuries-old industry of horse breeding. Listen is as Paul shares the challenges and plans they have as well as hear […]

003 Side Door to STEM

  Mike DeCock and Tristan Jameson. Today we have two guests who share their passion for cubing with the world. Sometimes, as we work with students we must invite them into STEM through an untraditional door. Solving the Rubik’s cube is a great way to open up the side door of opportunity and build the confidence of students so that […]

002 Young Science Mentor Taking Action

Melissa Ober, Science Girl  Encouraged to pursue and internship at her local Children’s Science museum, EXPLORA, Melissa Ober was mentored and discovered her passion to be a STEM performer. Since her first show, Melissa has worked with hundreds of students through school assemblies and their teachers at conferences. Perhaps you’ve seen her at a local STEM event perform the epic […]

001 Intel, Investing in the Community

Ron Eppes, Intel Community Engagement Manager: Ron is the perfect first guest for our podcast! While the sound quality isn’t great (we get better with time, promise) his stories and love of community are inspiring! Ron is a STEM Rockstar who works just down the road a few miles at Intel Corporation where he is passionate about ensuring Intel is […]

000 About Us! Bob and Dr. Shelly Gruenig

This podcast is designed to create STEM connections, cohesion, and elevation within the Southwest region of the United States. You have discovered a place where STEM enthusiasts gather to learn about the amazing STEM rockstars of the region as well as STEM activities that are impacting the world! Whether you are looking to learn more about STEM innovations in New […]