076 Bridging the Digital Divide for Tribes, with Catherine Nicolaou

Today’s guest is working to ensure that the gap in the digital divide for Indian tribes is closing!  Catherine Nicolaou and Sacred Wind Communications are leveraging all of the resources that they can reach and then some as they try to solve this daunting issue.  Hear from her today about how organizations are partnering to make a difference and bridge the gap and what we can all do to make a difference!  Nicolaou is an expert in state regulatory and marketing, a member of the New Mexico Technology Council, and a registered lobbyist.

Show Notes

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Catherine Nicolaou is the External Affairs and Marketing Manager for Sacred Wind Communications, the state’s newest rural telecom carrier, which provides voice and internet service to rural and tribal areas in Northwest New Mexico on Navajo land.  As such, she interfaces with state regulatory officials and government officials to promote the company’s public image and business agenda.  She also manages the coordination, review, compilation, assembly, filing and tracking of reports, tariffs, audits, applications, and petitions to state, tribal, local, and federal authorities, including state PRC, FCC, RUS, or any other governmental authority, while promoting brand recognition through the company’s marketing initiatives. Catherine is a member of the New Mexico Technology Council and the New Mexico Chamber of Commerce policy committees.  She is a registered lobbyist for Sacred Wind and sits on the board of the Cibola Arts Council. 

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