Getting Girls Into Tech, with Dr. Shelly Gruenig

How do we get Girls Into Tech and keep Girls Into Tech?  In today’s episode, Shelly shares her emotional STEM story and how her 6th grade science fair project boosted her desire to learn more science and tech. Shelly shares about her first Radio Shack computer that was purchased with money that she earned delivering newspapers.  She grew up in what we now call an underserved rural community with no mentors that could help to guide her pathway to tech, which impacted her access and her future career. She hopes to open doors of opportunity to girls in a way that no program has ever offered before.

Show Notes

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We often hear Shelly share that we owe it to every daughter to open the doors of opportunity and fill them with hope while equipping them with skills and confidence that they can be successful in STEM.

Growing up as a shy country girl, Shelly was an innovator and problem solver who would eventually become a community leader inducted into the STEM Hall of Fame.  With a PhD in Workforce Education and Career Development, she believes that young people need two things to make their best career decisions:

-Broad Range of Experiences

-Great Role Models

Shelly is committed to using her philosophy and experiences in working with young women in order to ensure that they have the opportunity to become a Girl Into Tech.  She shares that “Girls Into Tech is my answer on how we encourage and support more Girls Into Tech – we need women’s viewpoints in the marketplace and the only way for that to happen is by knocking down the barriers that our daughters face.”

Mimi Vandermolen, Ford Motor Company: Mimi Vandermolen, the Ergonomics Genius Behind Ford’s “Rounded Edge Revolution” – Core77


What makes Girls Into Tech special:

-ongoing support and mentoring community, not simply one and done

-by girls for girls, growing them into peer leadership

-monthly programming

-workshops and training

-access to scholarships and opportunities


Special thanks to:

Meta/Facebook for sponsoring the first cohort of girls in Valencia County, New Mexico

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Founding sponsor, Market Ascent: Market Ascent – Home


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Learn more about Girls Into Tech: Girls Into Tech How It Works – Be Greater Than Average



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