029 Radical Changes in STEM Education, with Shawn Hardina

There are STEM rockstars all over the Southwest and today’s guest is one of them.  He is also a STEM evangelist and striving to make our programs more inclusive.  While we just recently met Shawn Hardina, our perspectives and experiences in STEM enrichment are parallel; us in New Mexico and him in Arizona.  He has a lot of great ideas […]

028 STEM and the law – How do we protect innovation, with Dr. Richard Krukar

In our New Economy, where innovation and ideas are exploding, it’s important for STEM professionals to understand the different ways to protect their intellectual property.  Today’s guest, Richard Krukar, will share his tips and experience on this important issue. Show Notes Richard Krukar worked as a Research and Development engineer on both coasts and in the State of New Mexico […]

027 EXPLORING STEM Connections

In an effort to build the STEM Southwest Workforce, Albuquerque science museum, EXPLORA, is making a strong investment in teens and workforce education.  Leading the initiative is Allison Brody who shares her personal STEM journey, and the variety of programs and the exciting initiatives that we can be looking for at our family’s all-time favorite children’s museum.  Allison has been […]

026 Teenagers in Space, with Parker

In this weeks episode, we talk with Parker, an amazing high school student working on creating and building a miniature satellite to launch into space! This young woman is not afraid of hard challenges and will inspire listeners young and old. She proves that young people really want to be challenged by hard things and that the only limit is […]

025 Brain Matters and Healing Science, with Dr. Vincent P. Clark

Dr. Vincent P. Clark is an expert in Neuropsychology.  With an interest in brain stimulation for neuroenhancement and brain stimulation for the treatment of chronic pain, addiction, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, and motor illness, Dr. Clark and his team are making a real difference in the way that we use science to heal.  Join us as we explore thoughts and ideas of how […]

024 The Power of STEM Moms (and their Kids)

This special episode of STEM Southwest is hosted by Shelly along with daughters Makenzie and Bethany.  Today we celebrate the power of STEM Moms!   Show Notes Ulrika Peroni, Professional Water Skier and mom coach of ‘Da Swedish Fish,’ a team that competes in VEX robotics VRC competition.  Da Swedish Fish took robotics on the road that has led to […]

022 Engineering Education: From FANUC America to Competitive Robotics, with Dan Mantz

Today’s guest is an executive leader with 25 years of experience as an engineer and innovator who shifted from solving complex robotics programs at FANUC America to encouraging young people to solve complex robotics programs at the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation.  The students compete in VEX robotics competitions across the globe, and Dan’s leadership has promoted growth and […]

021 Staying STEM Strong: Feeding your Mind and Body, with Shelley Rael

Understanding our bodies and caring for them is critical to a long and happy STEM life.  Often, when people are striving to be their very best as STEM professionals, they are faced with the importance of self-care.  On this episode, our hosts speak with nutritionist, Shelley Rael, about the different self-care strategies that are critical for a healthy and wealthy […]