022 Engineering Education: From FANUC America to Competitive Robotics, with Dan Mantz

Today’s guest is an executive leader with 25 years of experience as an engineer and innovator who shifted from solving complex robotics programs at FANUC America to encouraging young people to solve complex robotics programs at the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation.  The students compete in VEX robotics competitions across the globe, and Dan’s leadership has promoted growth and […]

021 Staying STEM Strong: Feeding your Mind and Body, with Shelley Rael

Understanding our bodies and caring for them is critical to a long and happy STEM life.  Often, when people are striving to be their very best as STEM professionals, they are faced with the importance of self-care.  On this episode, our hosts speak with nutritionist, Shelley Rael, about the different self-care strategies that are critical for a healthy and wealthy […]

020 Virgin Galactic and Commercial Space Travel, with David Mackay

Future space tourists will have today’s guest, Chief Pilot David Mackay of Virgin Galactic, to thank for their adventures into the cosmos.  This fit family man is working with entrepreneurial king, Sir Richard Branson, to make travel into space accessible to all.  David recently completed a successful Virgin Galactic test flight where he traveled approximately 55 miles above the Earth’s […]

019 Launching Life and Careers in STEM, with Dr. Shelly Gruenig

Dr. Shelly Gruenig is typically the one on the show asking questions, but today we put her in the hot seat.  She recently won the Coach/Advisor of the Year at the annual STEMYs Excellence in STEM event hosted by the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  As a robotics coach since 2005, her teams have amassed a […]

018 Computer Science and the STEM Workforce Pipeline, with John Mierzwa

From construction to entrepreneur, today’s guest has always incorporated cutting edge technology in order to innovate and challenge the status quo.  John Mierzwa is doing that in many places throughout the Duke City and the entire region.  His strong connections have helped him to broker important deals that are impacting the way the rest of the world sees the Computer […]

014 Cosmetic Magic, Harry Potter, and Whiskey with Micaela Brown

Today’s guest is a little untraditional, but we know you will find her absolutely magical!  Micaela Brown is bursting with great ideas and passion that is sure to capture your interest.  She launched herself into the entrepreneurial community and taught herself the technology needed to support her seven business plans.  You may have heard of Dinner en Blanc, Blush & […]

013 Virgin Galactic taking off in New Mexico with Jonathan Firth

You might say that Jonathan Firth flew into New Mexico through suborbital space aboard Virgin Galactic. A native of the UK, he arrived in the Land of Enchantment with a short-term plan that has since led to a bit longer stay (as so many of us have experienced). He uses his vast knowledge of business, having worked for the Virgin […]