080 Entrepreneurial Excellence through Perseverance, with Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala

What started with a class project led to an entrepreneurial journey and innovation in the informational technology company, RiskSense.  Today’s guest, Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala, openly shares the challenges and victories of his amazing race.  In 2021, Ivanti acquired his company and he now serves as Senior Vice President of Security Products.  Sri impressed Shelly while openly sharing his journey during a keynote presentation at the New Mexico Technology Council Experience IT Conference in 2021.  There is a lot to unpack in this episode so let’s get started!

Show Notes

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Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala is Senior Vice President of Security Products for Ivanti.  He was the founder and CEO for RiskSense until Ivanti acquired the company in August 2021.  He is a recognized authority in the artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks communities and was part of a think tank that collaborated with the U.S. Department of Defense on applying these concepts to cybersecurity problems.  Dr. Mukkamala is responsible for Product Management for all Ivanti Security products and will continue to drive innovation in integrated security solutions across all company pillars: ITSM, Security, and UEM.

Dr. Mukkamala was also a lead researcher for CACTUS (Computational Analysis of Cyber Terrorism against the U.S.) and holds a patent on Intelligent Agents for Distributed Intrusion Detection System and Method of Practicing.

Dr. Mukkamala holds a PhD of Philosophy and a Master of Science degree from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

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Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala


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