075 STEM Education Disrupted, with Dr. Rebecca Woodbury (Keller)

Today’s guest, Dr. Rebecca Woodbury (Keller), is a scientist, chemist, educator, cyclist, and curriculum expert!  In this episode, she and Shelly have a great discussion on how to disrupt education and what needs to be done to provide a greater STEM experience for students.  Join them and consider what you can do to take action and help to infuse education with a love of learning!

Show Notes

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For over 20 years. Dr. Rebecca Woodbury (Keller) has been exploring the ways students learn.  Starting out as a research scientist in the field of biophysical chemistry, she left academia to create quality educational support materials for students and educators.  In 2003, she founded Gravitas Publications Inc. and introduced the Real Science-4-Kids product line for home and classroom educators.  In 2020, Dr. Woodbury branched out to launch a new company, called Nachokat, to introduce the RATATAZ STEM program as a way to introduce fundamental science concepts in easy-to-use activity-based kits.  The RATATAZ program incorporates several different learning modalities to get kids back to asking their own questions and playing like real scientists. 


Real Science-4-Kids (Gravitas Publications)

Real Science-4-Kids (Amazon)



Sequence of Learning (RATATAZ)

Products (RATATAZ)


Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)


Make Just One Change, by Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana

The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle


Be Greater Than Average Gift of Learning

Be Greater Than Average Courses

Be Greater Than Average Family Fun!

Be Greater Than Average A Semester of STEM Activities E-Book

Battling Bots League (Partnership between Be Greater Than Average and Electric Playhouse)



Dr. Rebecca Woodbury (Keller), Ph.D

CEO, RATATAZ Science Kits

Nachokat LLC




300 Menaul Drive NW, Suite 200

Albuquerque, NM 87107

(505) 207-8125








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