068 The Future of Women in STEM, a New Mexico Technology Council panel discussion

Join Shelly as she leads a panel discussion of Women in STEM on the important topic of getting our girls more involved in tech.  Hear the perspectives of this diverse panel during a session at Experience IT, an event sponsored by the New Mexico Technology Council, as these panelists cover important thoughts, experiences, and focus on understanding the power of mentoring for young women in technology.  From STEM educators to professionals, these ladies have a lively and important discussion about their own experiences, and how to make the workplace more welcoming for women.  In today’s episode, Shelly invites us all to become mentors for young women in technology to ensure a brighter future for all.

Show Notes

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New Mexico Technology Council

Tracy Hartzler (CNM)

Heather Fitzgerald (CNM)

Melissa Ober (Science Girl’s Lab)

Maggie Werner-Washburne (Boomerang New Mexico)


Be Greater Than Average Courses

Battling Bots League (Partnership between Be Greater Than Average and Electric Playhouse)

Be Greater Than Average Gift of Learning

Be Greater Than Average Family Fun!

Be Greater Than Average A Semester of STEM Activities E-Book



Linkedin (Tracy Hartzler)

Linkedin (Heather Fitzgerald)

Linkedin (Melissa Ober)

Linkedin (Maggie Werner-Washburne)



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