066 STEM in Flight, with Jill Meyers

Today’s guest shares her journey flying high and the work that it took her to get there.  Jill Meyers has had a storied career in STEM with some amazing organizations, and we know you will be wanting more when we are done . . . because we did!  From stories about aviation, learning to fly at 17 years old, and facing the challenging world of STEM as a woman, she shares it all.  We even get to hear about her latest adventures with Virgin Galactic and the WAI Land of Enchantment Chapter as she mentors her way through an amazing career!

Show Notes

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Jill Meyers has been in aviation her entire life since earning her private pilot’s license at age 17.  She is an Aerospace Engineer, Air Force veteran, STEM advocate and mentor, professional speaker, and owner of Meyers AeroConsulting.  In 2019, Jill was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society in London, the world’s only professional body dedicated to the aerospace community.

Meyers AeroConsulting

Changemaker Talent

Fly Like A Girl (Documentary)

Women in Aviation International

Women in Aviation International – Land of Enchantment Chapter

Coming Home: Fight for a Legacy (Documentary film by The Red Door Films)

Flygirls: A Wartime Odyssey (Dramatic scripted series by the Red Door Films)

Dare to Dream

Build with Robots

Be Greater Than Average Gift of Learning

Be Greater Than Average Courses

Be Greater Than Average Family Fun!

Be Greater Than Average A Semester of STEM Activities E-Book

Battling Bots League (Partnership between Be Greater Than Average and Electric Playhouse)



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