069 The World of Drone Racing, with Shaun and Teng Ma Taylor

Shaun Taylor, aka Nytfury FPV, and his wife, Teng Ma, aka JuneBug FPV, are professional drone pilots that have accepted awards on both world and national podiums.  Shaun is a world champion, 2xnational champion and 2xXDC champion along with numerous other awards. Teng has earned the title as fastest female and is a member of the USA women’s FPV team.  Recently, Shaun used his drone to help rescue a dog that was wedged in a crevice in the Sandia Mountain Foothills.  Their love of drone racing is only second to their love for one another and their son, Max.  This married duo will share their knowledge of drones and show off their superpowers during our episode.

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In early 2015, Shaun Taylor was a firefighter when he started to fly drones on his off-days.  The drone racing industry was on fire and, in June 2016, after winning five of the biggest drone races between 2015-2016, Shaun asked his wife if he could quit his job in order to prepare for the 2016 MultiGP national championship and the subsequent world championship in Hawaii.  His wife, Teng, unequivocally agreed and Shaun quit his job that same month.  Three months later, Shaun won the aforementioned national championship (defending his title from 2015).  A month later, he won the world championship in Hawaii. Subsequently, Shaun signed with DR1, a premier drone racing league that aired on Eurosport.  The league lasted two seasons and Shaun’s team won both seasons.  By the end of 2017, Shaun has solidified his reputation as the most decorated drone pilot in the world, a title for which even the fastest drone pilots today have a hard time competing due to the lack of events.  Shaun became a dad in December 2018 and spent the majority of the last year at home (due to COVID-19).  Today, Shaun still enjoys flying drones with his wife at the park on a weekly basis, and plans to go back to the fire department for which he has been asked to integrated drones in future fire and rescue efforts.

Teng Taylor started to fly drones to spend more time with Shaun, and she started to progress quickly.  Teng also started to travel with Shaun and compete as well.  In 2019, Teng won the fastest female spot on team USA to compete in China and took third place at that competition.  This year, races are starting to come back, and Teng is excited to be competing again.

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