089 Out of this World: Hyperdrive Space Summit with Merridith Ingram, Meredith Schweitzer, Jihoon Kim, Jason Lee, Steven Wood, Brad Berkson, and Jeromy Grimmett

Join Shelly as she interviews leaders in the Aerospace Industry that gathered to innovate new ideas and build collaborative relationships at the November 2022 Hyperdrive Space Summit hosted by CNM Ingenuity and the Air Force Research Labs.  Interviews cover topics from space marketing and innovation, the space force, new technologies as well as rockets and the future of the workforce.  Join us and launch into another dimension as we finally kick off 2023 with this fabulous episode!

Show Notes

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Hyperspace Challenge

Hyperspace Drive Summit


The Aerospace ADVERSARY (John Hopkins University)

SmartCone Technologies

SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Miles Space

Rogue Space Systems Corporation


Be Greater Than Average Gift of Learning

Be Greater Than Average Courses

Be Greater Than Average A Semester of STEM Activities E-Book



Linkedin (Merridith Ingram, 66+Co)

Linkedin (Meredith Schweitzer, 66+Co)

Linkedin (Jihoon Kim – The Aerospace ADVERSARY)

Linkedin (Jason Lee – SmartCone Technologies)

Linkedin (Steven Wood – Patent Attorney and Space Lawyer)

Linkedin (Brad Berkson – Miles Space)

Linkedin (Jeromy Grimmett – Rogue Space Systems Corporation)

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