088 Building a Successful STEM Business, with Ivy Slater

Are you ready to lead, build, and scale your business?  This Is what our guest Ivy Slater of Slater Success asks others. In her podcast, Her Success Stories, Ivy highlights gutsy women in business and recently interviewed our co-host Shelly regarding the future and shaping the future of technology.  While Ivy is not from the Southwest, she brings a wealth of knowledge that everyone in the STEM Southwest audience needs to hear – how to effectively lead our businesses to make our communities even greater. 

With all of that in mind, we welcome best-selling author, accomplished business owner, and coach to C-suite executives, Ivy Slater, to STEM Southwest Podcast.

Show Notes

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As the CEO of Slater Success, Ivy Slater works closely with C-Suite executives and upper-level managers to advise and create clear strategies that provide instant and long-term impact on businesses.  From generating team synergy and launching new sales initiatives, to holding mastermind retreats and corporate trainings on communication, finances, or strategic planning, Ivy is an expert at cultivating and facilitating relationships that are the hallmark of any successful business.

Slater Success

Her Success Story podcast

Slater Success blog

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From the Barre to the Boardroom, by Ivy Slater


Shelly comments in intro:

Hyperspace Challenge

Girls Into Tech

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Shaping the Future of Technology, Shelly’s podcast interview with Ivy Slater


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