090 Safety in Numbers, with Ann Shubert

Join us in this episode to learn why we took an extended break. Then, dive in with one of our favorite repeat guests speaking about a favorite subject…. money. Whether you are stressed about money, trying to understand how to make more money, or simply want a plan to invest, this episode is for you! Ann Shubert has launched a new blog that stands at the intersection of STEM and Money! Her message today gives us all hope – it’s never too late, or too early to be making financial plans!

Show Notes

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Ann Shubert started her professional career planning to be an astrophysicist, receiving a BA in Physics from Princeton University and an MS in Astrophysics from the California Institute of Technology.  After realizing that she was not cut out to be a pure research scientist, Ann shifted gears into a 30-year career in the defense industry, first designing and building software systems and later managing multi-million-dollar aerospace programs.  In 2014, while enrolled in the University of New Mexico’s Executive MBA program, Ann made another major career transition, becoming a licensed Financial Advisor.  Three years later, she co-founded Intentional Finance LLC, an independent, woman-owned, Registered Investment Adviser firm.  Ann enjoys working with women in STEM, combining science-based approaches to financial planning, risk management and investing with her interest in behavioral finance and how people make decisions about money.  Because she knows what it is like to be a woman in a male dominated workplace, Ann feels a special kinship with women in the STEM fields, and loves helping them to reach a place of confidence about their finances so they can keep their energies focused on their STEM passion, whether in research, education or business.

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