086 STEM Squared, with H. Puentes

Big apologies for our summer hiatus from posting new episodes….it’s been a crazy, wonderful time for Bob and Shelly, but we are happy to be back at it and sharing a new episode with our amazing audience. H. Puentes is a kindred spirit and we can’t think of a better way to dive back into STEM Southwest.  In addition to this amazing interview, we have some exciting interviews lined up for the Fall and can’t wait to share them with you!  Thanks for joining us for this amazing interview, and please consider sharing this episode and inviting friends to join us and listen in to STEM Southwest Podcast.

Show Notes

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H. Puentes is the co-founder and executive director of San Diego Squared, a nonprofit that he founded with San Diego biotech pioneer, Bill Rastetter, that works to increase diversity in STEM careers through mentoring, scholarships, and other programming. 

As a freshman in high school, H. earned perfect scores in math for the entire year. His teachers were impressed, but that was where it ended. No one followed up to encourage him in math, to inform him about potential careers in STEM, or considered introducing him to professionals who shared his background.  “Now, I am a father to two diverse children and I want them to know that, not only do they belong in STEM, but that STEM-driven companies want them to be successful,” he says.

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