092 What’s New in Fintech – FINCON 2023, with Russell Faigen and Lily Vittayarukskul

This episode is for you if you have ever wondered how to make financial decisions, or you will one day to have to make decisions regarding elder care for a loved one or yourself!

Join Bob and Shelly for another year of celebrating tech and finances at FinCon23.  Listen in as they talk about AI and making it your collaborator and not your competitor.  First up is Bob who speaks with Russell Faigen from moomoo, a one-stop destination for financial investing and resources. However, don’t worry as there will never be any high-pressure investors from moomoo giving advice.  Then, listen in as Shelly learns more about the compelling personal story of Lily Vittayarukskul and how the burden of long-term care for an elderly family member strongly influenced her life and how her idea, Waterlily, is helping to understand financial planning for the elderly.  Waterlily utilizes AI in a way to help predict and build a custom plan for each family having or will be having an elderly family member for whom they will need to provide support now and into the future.  Ultimately, Waterlily was awarded the top prize at this year’s Fintech competition and we couldn’t be happier to cheer them on and tell you more!

Show Notes

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Russell Faigen is the Strategic Influence Business Development Manager for moomoo, an innovative online trading platform and commission-free app providing power tools, real-time market data, and educational resources.  Russell graduated from Drexel University with a BS in Finance and Business Analytics, and has been a financial educator and content creator since September 2020, using his social media platform, investwithruss, as the primary means to do so.


 Lily Vittayarukskul is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Waterlily Planning.  She previously worked from 2019 to 2021 at a computer vision telemedicine startup involved in product development, AI prototype building, successful product launches, and scaling of an IoT AI telemedicine platform; Lily led commercialization efforts which included launching the company’s first product, developing market positioning, strategy, and sales training.  Prior to that, Lily worked as a Data Scientist Consultant at STELLARES from 2018 to 2019; held roles as Head of Technology and Head of Growth and Development at Research to the People in 2018; worked as a Scientist Intern (Software Developer) at DNAnexus in 2017; served as an intern with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 2013.



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