047 #3Dprintingforgood during the COVID 19 Pandemic, with R4Creating

What started as a challenge by Shelly to her robotics team to look around and identify a way to serve others resulted in the spark of an idea to use the 3D printers that team members had built themselves to print visors that would be assembled into life-saving face shields. What started as a project to help a neighbor by printing 10 face shields quickly grew into a project that is involving more than 40 students and 23 printers running 24 hours a day. In the first two weeks of the project, over 1500 shields were delivered to hospitals, Indian pueblos and reservations, clinics, urgent care facilities and fire departments. R4Creating is committed to continuing to serve the community through its efforts and technology to ensure that the heroes on the front line are protected. What a wonderful way to use Science and Technology to make an impact on the world!


Go to www.R4Creating.org to:

-Request PPE face shields

-Donate money or supplies

-Connect with the team about meeting space


Go to www.BeGreaterThanAverage.org 

-Sign up for the newsletter if you want information about upcoming 3D printer camps and workshops

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