033 Collaboration and STEM, with ‘PT’ Money and Experience IT

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In today’s episode, Bob and Shelly share their experiences about two recent events, FinCon19 and ExperienceIT.

FinCon19, Where Money and Media Meet, was held in Washington, DC.  Attendees learned about new financial technologies as well as personal finances, and connected with others in order to plan future collaborations.  We’ll be sharing about some of those technologies in upcoming episodes. 

At Experience IT, Shelly connected with STEM leaders and learned more about Virgin Galactic’s recent move to Spaceport America in New Mexico.  Guest, Paige Prescott, and Shelly gave a presentation entitled, “The Future of Education,” about which they share with STEM Southwest listeners.

Many people in STEM are actively pursuing side hustles or gigs – they may be consulting, writing, speaking, YouTubing, or a variety of others.  STEM professionals have an opportunity to leverage their knowledge to benefit the world and make an impact.  

Personal Finance Conference – Financial Freedom Summit

Chris Browning, host of Popcorn Finance, and Plutus Podcast.

Documentary “Playing with FIRE


Bob shares his passion for writing, as well as his tips on financial technology.  Two of his favorite financial apps that he recommends are: 




We understand that many times people need help in navigating their life and make career plans.  Check out Shelly’s curriculum at Life Launch Academy.


P.T or Philip Taylor, founder of a personal finance website PT Money which helps people build a second income, shares tips with listeners on getting started on their side hustles, including not trying to do it all alone.  Rather, P.T. recommends collaborating and studying with others, and staying focused on a growth mindset. 

STEM Southwest listeners can support P.T. by checking out the digital marketing conference, FinCon20, and the upcoming Financial Freedom Summit, schedule May 1-3, 2020 in St Louis, MO. 

P.T. also shares one of his favorite tech tools, LOOM, which is a Chrome extension with a free version that records screencast videos to aid in communication with team members.


Our next guest, Auri Vigil, is a returning STEM Southwest guest.  Auri works for New Mexico Tech Council, a local connector for technology that works hard to build collaboration.  Auri speaks about Experience IT and the Women in Technology Celebration. 

Experience IT was a one-day annual conference that attracted over 420 attendees and was packed full of great workshops!  Keynote speakers included three representatives from Virgin Galactic who shared with attendees the growing space technology taking place in New Mexico which includes commercial space flight that is expected to take place in the near future.

The Women In Technology Celebration is scheduled March 26, 2020, and is a celebration to honor women in STEM.  One can nominate a nominate a woman in technology here.


Our last guest for today’s episode is Paige Prescott, who was a Women In Technology Award Winner this year.  Paige has been working in Computer Science Education since 2007, and is currently the President of Computer Science Teacher’s Association.  In 2018, she also started a non-profit, Computer Science Alliance.  Paige shares information on important trends in Computer Science, including how we can make positive changes. 

Paige and Shelly speak about current data and the growing demand for the STEM career pipeline and how we might be able to address this in the workforce.  Paige shares about many policy issues that states need to consider in growing the workforce and preparing teachers to help their students in K-12 so that more students have access to computer programming.  She explains her Teacher Professional Development program that was designed to provide resources and knowledge to impact teachers and their students. This program is designed to build community, share resources, and collaborate in order to have a great impact on STEM throughout the region. 



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Paige Prescott



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