024 The Power of STEM Moms (and their Kids)

This special episode of STEM Southwest is hosted by Shelly along with daughters Makenzie and Bethany.  Today we celebrate the power of STEM Moms!


Show Notes

Ulrika Peroni, Professional Water Skier and mom coach of ‘Da Swedish Fish,’ a team that competes in VEX robotics VRC competition.  Da Swedish Fish took robotics on the road that has led to an adventure across the country participating in robotics while traveling in a motorhome.  They turned to the robotics community for help when she had an accident while traveling that has become a real blessing to their family.  Ulrika shares how their journey has helped them to form new friendships, deepen sibling ties, and make a difference in the lives of kids she knows that were challenged.



Gwen Valentino, Massage Therapist and mom coach of the First Lego League H.O.T. Squad.   They will also participate this summer in the Apollo Competition.  “Forced” by her daughter to start a team over a trophy, this mom’s story is inspiring. Learning that competition is both offensive and defensive and has helped to grow their character and strengthen their resolve.  She shares her belief that robotics competitions are reflective of the real world and opportunities to seek out powerful mentor relationships.  Gwen’s favorite outcome of competitive robotics is how her child has come out of her shell and is no longer afraid to communicate with others and mentor other teams.



Kim Edgar is a Molecular Biologist and owner of Science From the Very Beginning.  This STEM Mom who confesses about being “spatially challenged” helped to start a BEST Robotics team, R4Robotics, in hopes that it would capture her son’s interest in building.  In the end. Dustin found a different kind of passion through his involvement, and his sister, Abbey, would eventually pursue a career as a technical writer for Raytheon.  Kim shares their story and how BEST robotics was a vehicle to launch her kids into their life careers and impact their professional lives.



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