021 Staying STEM Strong: Feeding your Mind and Body, with Shelley Rael

Understanding our bodies and caring for them is critical to a long and happy STEM life.  Often, when people are striving to be their very best as STEM professionals, they are faced with the importance of self-care.  On this episode, our hosts speak with nutritionist, Shelley Rael, about the different self-care strategies that are critical for a healthy and wealthy life.



Show Notes

Contrary to her title, Shelley Rael, MS RDN doesn’t believe in diets.  A registered dietitian nutritionist since 1999, she helps people change their mindset about food, eliminating rules and judgment while supporting a lifestyle that gives you sustainable energy.  Rather than gimmicks, supplements, or fad diets, Shelley works with individuals to create Customized Nutrition Blueprints, or action plans, for sustainable all-day physical and mental energy.  Having worked in wellness, health promotion and disease prevention/risk reduction her entire career, she knows there is no one diet that works for everyone and helps people choose a way of eating that works for them year-round, not just before a big event, vacation, season or change of the calendar.  Fads, trends, and quick fixes will come and go, but eating will always be necessary.

Shelley Rael

Quest for Energy (webinar)  

Eating is not Cheating (webinar)

Six Tips Ebook


Real World Nutrition (Facebook)


Book Recommendation:

Scarcity: The New Science of Having Less and How It Defines Our Lives, by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir

Snake Oil Science: The Truth about Complementary and Alternative Medicine, by R. Bauker Bausell, PhD




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