Ep 003 DNA Discovery, Paul Szauter


Paul Szauter Today we have scientist and entrepreneur Paul Szauter as our guest. Listeners are going to be interested in the DNA Discovery that Paul and his team have made as well as how that discovery is disrupting the centuries-old industry of horse breeding. Listen is as Paul shares the challenges and plans they have as well as hear his thoughts on what it takes to be a scientist?. You might be surprised!


Show Notes


Human Genome Project



National DNA Day







EquiSeq, Inc.




Book Recommendations:


Game Storming, by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, and James Macanufo



Ready Player One: A Novel, by Ernest Cline



STEM Hero and Rockstar


Gregor Mendel



Neil deGrasse Tyson



One Million Cups – Albuquerque



Contact Information:

Paul Szauter


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2 thoughts on “Ep 003 DNA Discovery, Paul Szauter

  1. I got my results from 23andme last September. As a geneticist, having fun geeking out on my genes, looking up more information via livewello, and I have reconnected with a couple of second cousins. I also participated in a three-month study tracking weight loss for three different styles of dieting, and then they will soon share results with what type of genetic background/SNPs are associated with effective weight loss on the various types of diets. I also discovered I am 1.2% West African ancestry!

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