055 Text Messaging to Space, with M. Brian Barnett

Inspired by the Apollo missions to the moon, Brian Barnett has been dreaming of being an astronaut since he was a little boy.  Not only does he plan to be a commercial astronaut in the near future, but he also hopes to inspire a new generation in the race to space. His innovation and ideas have led him to develop […]

054 STEM Excitement through Esports, with Dr, Miles Harvey

What does a good book and a video game have in common?  This week’s guest will share his thoughts on using virtual reality as classroom literature, and why it is time for us to step up and make a difference! Join us in this episode where we learn more about Esports and the possibility of it being a career.  Dr. […]

053 The Science of Sleep, with Karen Crow

This week’s guest had a serendipitous journey to her career in STEM.  In an effort to diagnose her son and improve the quality of life for her mother, Karen Crow set out to learn more about sleep which led to a breakthrough in wearable sensors.  Now, as the CEO of the startup, NeuroGeneces, Karen shares about the impact of technology […]

052 The Digital Playground of Electric Playhouse, with John-Mark Collins

This week’s episode is a great example of how business and technology meet at a crossroads to entertain! As a creative technologist, John-Mark Collins uses his STEM knowledge to build immersive technology-driven experiences.  His most recent project, Electric Playhouse, puts his background in Computer Engineering, Art, and Architecture to the test. Join us to hear about this special place where […]

051 Connecting through STEM Media Platforms, with the hosts of Nerd Talk

Find out what happens when nerds meet across the miles. Turning COVID Quarantine into opportunity, these rockstars do their part to connect the world, have interesting discussions, and throw in a bit of quirkiness for fun! We can’t wait to share this special episode full of nerds from across the nation! Join us when STEM Southwest meets Nerd Talk!   […]

049 Infectious Diseases impacted by Technology, with Dr. Jason Harper

Join us in this week’s episode as our guest, Dr. Jason Harper, shares his STEM story. Jason has been involved as a research scientist for a national lab and shares his thoughts on how technology is impacting infectious diseases. Jason serves the community through his important work as a scientist, and also serves the community as an elected member of […]

048 The Science of Covid-19, with Dr. Paul Szauter

In this week’s episode, we dive deep into the science behind COVID-19 with one of our favorite previous guests, Dr. Paul Szauter. During quarantine, Paul has worked hard to digest scientific research and share the results in more user-friendly language so that more people can understand what is happening and how science is impacting the fight against COVID-19. Join us […]

047 #3Dprintingforgood during the COVID 19 Pandemic, with R4Creating

What started as a challenge by Shelly to her robotics team to look around and identify a way to serve others resulted in the spark of an idea to use the 3D printers that team members had built themselves to print visors that would be assembled into life-saving face shields. What started as a project to help a neighbor by […]

046 Tech-Driven Online Platforms, with Travis Rosser

Today’s guest, Travis Rosser, is the author of You, Inc., and an ed-tech developer.  After a decade in the software industry, Travis co-founded Kajabi, a knowledge capital platform.  While he is no longer at Kajabi, it continues to impact tens of thousands of people and generate millions in sales.  As a speaker and internet entrepreneur, Travis believes that everyone has […]