091 Reaching for the Stars, with Dr. Misty Carty

In this episode, Bob and Shelly take a look at the sky just days before the next solar eclipse.  Join us as Dr. Misty enthusiastically shares her wealth of knowledge about the sun, moon, and stars – and why we seem to be having more solar events!  Finally, join us as we speak about the upcoming Balloon Fiesta and the excitement surrounding this event.

Let’s blast off with this next out of this world STEM Southwest podcast!

Show Notes

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Dr. Misty Carty has over two decades of experience as an informal science educator, inspiring young students to develop a love for science.  Her journey in science began with a spark of curiosity when she learned that Pluto had moved inside the orbit of Neptune and was not currently the last planet in the solar system – at a time when scientists still defined it as a planet.  This ignited her passion for learning and sharing knowledge.

Misty holds a Bachelor’s in Physics from McDaniel College, located just outside Baltimore, MD.  She further pursued her academic goals by earning her Master’s and Doctorate in Astronomy from the University of Maryland, College Park.  Misty has donned various hats as a science educator and communicator throughout her career, including professor, author, and museum science educator.  Through her involvement with the Balloon Museum Foundation and R4 Creating, she actively supports and raises funds for STEAM education.  In addition, she is dedicated to empowering young women and girls in science and technology.  She takes pride in advocating for girls in STEAM and inspiring them to pursue careers in these fields through the Girls into Tech program of Be Greater than Average.

Pluto Planet Day (New Mexico)

Clyde Tombaugh

NASA Eclipses

Annular Solar Eclipse

Annular Solar Eclipse Path

Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse Path

NOAA, NASA, NSF events at Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum


Solar viewing glasses and filters must be ISO 12312-2 certified!

Eclipse Eye Safety

Eclipse Eye Safety (Pinhole Viewers)

Pinhole Box Viewer

Solar Viewers/Eclipse Glasses


Where Did The Sun Go, by Dr. Misty Carty

A Little Science: Inquisitive Science Books for ALL Ages (Dr. Misty Carty)


I.S.S. Tracker


Be Greater Than Average Gift of Learning

Be Greater Than Average Courses

Be Greater Than Average A Semester of STEM Activities E-Book



Dr. Misty Carty



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