083 Illuminating STEM, with Paul Pickard

Join Bob and Shelly today as they shine a light on the science of circadian rhythms and how guest, Dr. Paul Pickard, is using advances in technology to make life better for all of us.  Today, you can listen in as we get nerdy over all things lighting, and explore how innovation is being used by physicists, light scientists, and data scientists at Korrus and other companies to ensure that we all have a brighter future!

Show Notes

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Paul Pickard is the Chief Technology Officer of Korrus, Inc, a Los Angeles-based startup dedicated to improving human health and wellbeing through the power of light.  A Mechanical Engineering graduate of the University of New Mexico, Paul has worked the help launch the first volume white-light LED luminaires and lamps with LLF and Cree, and was a member of the team that launched the first sub-$10 LED light bulb at Home Depot.  A prolific inventor, Paul has over 250 granted US patents with many more pending.


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Lighting Technology


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