060 Making Money and Delighting Audiences Using Technology, with Erika Hecht

Today’s guest is an expert in using technology to advance business and learning.  Erika Hecht is the CEO of Market Ascent and shares her thoughts and expertise on how we can make money and delight audiences in order to make a greater impact using technology and tools to create amazing online experiences.

Show Notes

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For over 20 years, Market Ascent Founder, Erika Woldman Hecht, has been solving business strategy and marketing problems for technology and learning organizations, helping them grow smarter, faster, and better.  She has taken her experience and packaged it into a proprietary process that saves clients time while putting them on a direct path to achieving desired outcomes.  Erika is also a thought-leader in the online learning field and is on a mission to shine a light on how organizations can create amazing online experiences that delight customers while generating incremental revenues.  Passionate about education, Erika is a life-long learner and volunteers as programming director for her local chapter of the American Marketing Association to further the development of marketing professionals with the latest advances and thinking in the field.

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Member Spotlight: Erika Hecht (New Mexico American Marking Association)




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