054 STEM Excitement through Esports, with Dr, Miles Harvey

What does a good book and a video game have in common?  This week’s guest will share his thoughts on using virtual reality as classroom literature, and why it is time for us to step up and make a difference! Join us in this episode where we learn more about Esports and the possibility of it being a career.  Dr. Miles Harvey will share his experiences as a gamer and streamer, and how he is using that platform to make a difference in the lives of so many students!

Show Notes

Dr. Miles Harvey is a scholar gamer, middle years Esports coach, streamer, and teacher educator from the University of New Mexico researching media literacy and digital game-based learning.  He is a K-12 Language Arts and Media Literacy educator in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He also instructs classes at the Central New Mexico Community College.  Miles’ research interests focus on how students make sense of their learning through multimodal experiences afforded by mixed reality, video games, and research-based instructional strategies.  He coaches New Mexico’s first-ever middle school Esports team and competed in the North America’s first international middle school Esports competition against Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

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James Monroe Middle School Raiding Raptor Esports

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