053 The Science of Sleep, with Karen Crow

This week’s guest had a serendipitous journey to her career in STEM.  In an effort to diagnose her son and improve the quality of life for her mother, Karen Crow set out to learn more about sleep which led to a breakthrough in wearable sensors.  Now, as the CEO of the startup, NeuroGeneces, Karen shares about the impact of technology on the study and the science of sleep.  Gone are the days of sleep studies with wires and adhesives attached while you try to “sleep” in a strange bed.  The growth of wearable sensors is skyrocketing!  The data those sensors are collecting can be life-changing and the opportunity for careers in the relatively unexplored science of sleep is unprecedented.  As a bonus, Karen will even share how you can get involved in the beta testing of a new NeuroGeneces product!

Show Notes

Karen Crow is the co-founder and CEO of NeuroGeneces, a woman-owned start-up focused on improving memory and cognitive performance through sleep science.  Karen started her business career in management consulting, and was a partner at Mercer Management Consulting where she was responsible for managing teams of consultants and clients addressing complex problems.  While at Google, she led Sales Operations for Fortune 1000 accounts in North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific, managing over 500 people and $1.3 billion in annual revenue.  Karen is a recipient of Google Founders Award, in recognition of outstanding contribution and entrepreneurial accomplishment.  She is co-founder and head of Product Development at WiserGiving, a non-profit creating donor education tools.







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