052 The Digital Playground of Electric Playhouse, with John-Mark Collins

This week’s episode is a great example of how business and technology meet at a crossroads to entertain! As a creative technologist, John-Mark Collins uses his STEM knowledge to build immersive technology-driven experiences.  His most recent project, Electric Playhouse, puts his background in Computer Engineering, Art, and Architecture to the test. Join us to hear about this special place where fun and learning collide and how technology is changing the way we play and learn!

Show Notes

John-Mark Collins is a creative problem solver with a wide variety of skills ranging from technical and creative to managerial and business related. As a creative technologist, John-Mark aims to build immersive technology-driven experiences that both push the boundary of current technology and adapt to shifting HCI paradigms. Having a background in Computer Engineering, Art, and Architecture, as well as a number of years in management of large teams, gives John-Mark me a unique perspective and skill-set to contribute in a multitude of ways towards building new user experiences.

Electric Playhouse

Electric Playhouse (Careers and Opportunities)

Electric Playhouse (Special Events – Immersive Dinners and Coding Camps)

Electric Playhouse (Annual Passes and Gift Cards)

Bitsbox – Coding for Kids




Linkedin (John-Mark Collins)






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