039 The BEST Robotics Story, with Ted Mahler and Steve Marum

Ted Mahler and Steve Marum were coworkers at Texas Instruments in 1993 when they had a crazy idea. Their idea was the beginning of a competitive robotics program that has influenced our family life as well as hundreds of thousands of others across the country. These two down-to-earth men are still actively involved in STEM enrichment even today and two STEM rockstars that started this nationwide program in the Southwest.

Show Notes

Ted Mahler was born in Bryan, Texas, graduated from Texas A&M University, and worked for Texas Instruments Sherman for 33 years as an Integrated Circuit Design Engineer. When Ted retired, his wife, Carolyn, and he moved to South Thomaston, Maine. They have two Eagle Scout sons, and for them, Ted spent 13 years in Scout leadership. His sons now work as an Engineer and a Meteorologist. Also, Carolyn and Ted have one grandchild named Silas. For 20 years in Texas and, so far, 5 years in Maine, Ted has taught an afterschool 4th grade model Rocket Club where, over 7 sessions, each student builds all their launch equipment, their rocket, and then spend a day flying. Presently, Ted is also working on forming a summertime Science Club for local middle school kids. Of course in 1993, Steve and Ted formed BEST Robotics.

Steve Marum has an Electrical Engineering degree from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and worked at Texas Instruments as a circuit designer until his retirement.  After retiring from Texas Instruments, Steve began a consulting business and sells electronic test systems that he designs and builds.  Along with Ted, Steve co-founded BEST in 1993 and was director of the North Texas hub for 15 years.


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