034 International Science and Engineering Fair, with Karen Kinsman and Taylor and Devin Roach

Have you ever entered a science fair? Today’s guests are going to share their experiences as well as the best tips and resources on how to participate in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) held each spring.  Karen Kinsman is a STEM professional working to champion STEM programs throughout New Mexico, and she introduces us to a brother and sister team who both participated in ISEF as a part of their STEM journey.


Karen Kinsman is the Director of the UNM STEMH Center has worked to grow the program to “make it bigger” with the goal of championing STEM education. 

STEM-H Center

Research Challenge Bootcamp

International Science and Engineering Fair

Karen also works closely with ISEF for which 1,800 student researchers compete from 80 countries; about 20% of these students have patents or in the process of getting patents.

Karen has a lot of favorite projects from all of her years with the ISEF, including those of Taylor and Devin Roach, a brother and sister team who were actively involved with the Fair and to whom Karen introduces us.

Taylor is pursuing her Master’s in Family Counseling.  Taylor started science fair in 6th grade and loved working on behavioral studies.  “The Effects of Productivity and Performance on Interruptions” was her first project.  It was really fun for her because she would invite friends over to be her “human subjects” and participate in her research.

Taylor also knows our past guest, Dr. Vincent Clark, and his positive psychology laboratory.

Ep025 Brain Matters and Healing Science, with Dr. Vincent P. Clark

Devin is pursuing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering.  Devin pursued research in nondestructive inspection to identify ways to determine the strength of a structure.  This project took him to ISEF which helped prepare him to be ready to pursue his PhD.

Devin has also co-authored Advances in 4D Printing: Materials and Applications


Book Recommendations:

Taylor:  Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends, by Michael White

Devin:   Love and War: Find Your Way to Something Beautiful in Your Marriage, by John & Stasi Eldridge



Karen Kinsman, SciFair@UNM.edu

Taylor Roach, Taylor.K.Roach@gmail.com

Devin Roach, Devin.J.Roach@gmail.com


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  1. May I give this 1,000 stars?!!! Wow, I wish there was a podcast like this when we were prepping! You all shine such a fun and inspiring light on the experience. Thanks and keep up the great work with such passion to help change our world.

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