028 STEM and the law – How do we protect innovation, with Dr. Richard Krukar

In our New Economy, where innovation and ideas are exploding, it’s important for STEM professionals to understand the different ways to protect their intellectual property.  Today’s guest, Richard Krukar, will share his tips and experience on this important issue.

Show Notes

Richard Krukar worked as a Research and Development engineer on both coasts and in the State of New Mexico after receiving a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Mexico.  Richard moved to intellectual property law to see if it was fun and has spent the past 14 years as a lawyer.  He Indicates that “it’s been a life of building wonderful machines, writing elegant code, and helping others protect their own creations.”

Loza and Loza LLP

Richard Krukar

United States Patent and Trademark Office

World Intellectual Property Organization

The “Alice” decision

Becoming a Patent Attorney


Book Recommendation:

Toy of the Gods, by Sonja Dewing

Rule 34, by Charles Stross

Books by Stephen Baxter

Inancu v. Brunetti



Richard Krukar,








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