026 Teenagers in Space, with Parker

In this weeks episode, we talk with Parker, an amazing high school student working on creating and building a miniature satellite to launch into space! This young woman is not afraid of hard challenges and will inspire listeners young and old. She proves that young people really want to be challenged by hard things and that the only limit is what we think of ourselves.
Listeners can be a part of her project; just listen in to learn how!
Show Notes

Parker is a rising junior in high school.  She has been interested in STEM for as long as she can remember, especially Aerospace Engineering.  She was recently accepted into a highly selective program at her school named the Odyssey Scholars Program, a two-year program in which students do an in-depth study of a subject of their choice.  For this program, she will be building a CubeSat, or a miniaturized satellite, that will measure the magnetic field of the Earth.


Theo Jansen

Lego Mindstorms EV3

Ender 3 3D-Printer

Prusa i3 MK3


Interorbital Systems (IOS)

Space Mission Analysis and Design, 3rd edition (Space Technology Library, Vol. 8), by Wiley J. Larson and James R. Wertz



sagruenig@gmail.com (use this email if you would like to support Parker)


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