012 Disrupting STEM Education in Colorado with Mark Hyatt

Mark Hyatt

Mark Hyatt could fly airplanes before he learned how to drive cars. His rich background in STEM began with his long career in the U.S. Air Force. After several retirements, he is now in a bonus career that is disrupting education in his home state of Colorado. Mark’s initiative and program, Falcon Aerolab, is providing STEM training for students through a special innovation district. Mark is striving to add to the number of home-grown aerospace professionals and fill a pipeline that is currently being filled by importing professionals from out of state. In this episode, you will hear about Mark’s program and the ways that he hopes to scale it to serve more students.

Show Notes

Mark Hyatt is a passionate educational entrepreneur. His favorite quote is: “If you save one child, you save the whole world.” Calling Colorado home since 1970, he’s served as a fighter pilot squadron commander in the Air Force; and advisor to the Secretary of Defense, and the current and previous White House Administration on school choice, safety, social climate, and culture issues. He’s also served as Vice Commandant at the U.S. Air Force Academy and its Director of Center for Character and Leadership Development; President of the largest charter school in Colorado, The Classical Academy; and Executive Director of the Charter School Institute in Denver. He’s testified at the Colorado Legislature to keep partial funding to public schools for homeschool students. His most important job is being married for 40 years, and having three children and five grandchildren.

United States Air Force Academy

Falcon AeroLab

Cyber Symposium

Key Lime Air

The Classical Academy: College Pathways


Book recommendation:

Outliers: The Story of Success, by Malcolm Gladwell

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  1. This episode was really interesting! His program sounds really amazing!
    I love his views on college and careers as well!

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