006 New Mexico Technology Council ExperienceITnm what is IT? With Auri Vigil

Auri Vigil, In this week’s interview you will learn about an exciting annual event, ExperienceITnm. It is described by the New Mexico Technology Council as an opportunity to “Geek out on all things technology. Our community will gather the best and the brightest entrepreneurs, technicians, hackers, and tech fans for presentations, talks, meet-ups, and parties; all to highlight the vibrant tech community in our city.” Auri Vigil joins us to tell us more about the event.



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Auri Vigil is the Marketing and Events Coordinator for the New Mexico Technology Council (NMTC). She brings high energy, a positive attitude, and strong work ethic to the Council team. She’s well-versed in social media marketing, event coordination, and public relations. With heavy experience in customer relations, small business communications and events, Auri is dedicated to providing Council members, sponsors, and partners with unique event engagement and marketing opportunities.


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Spaceport America



Women in Technology Peer Group



Experience IT



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New Mexico Technology Council Jobs Board



AFRL New Mexico



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Women Who Inspire (Los Alamos National Laboratory)



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Auri Vigil



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