046 Tech-Driven Online Platforms, with Travis Rosser

Today’s guest, Travis Rosser, is the author of You, Inc., and an ed-tech developer.  After a decade in the software industry, Travis co-founded Kajabi, a knowledge capital platform.  While he is no longer at Kajabi, it continues to impact tens of thousands of people and generate millions in sales.  As a speaker and internet entrepreneur, Travis believes that everyone has […]

045 Lights, Camera, Action and Tech, with Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson is a world-renown filmmaker specializing in weddings.  In this episode, he shares how his involvement in competitive robotics led him to use technology in media arts. Matt’s talent, coupled with his amazing business partner wife, Rachel Johnson, have built their company, Filmstrong, into a much sought-after business.  As a STEM professional, Matt shares more on the growing use […]

044 STEMpreneurs Shaping the Future, with Stuart Rose

Stuart Rose is our guest this week, and listeners are going to be impressed with the impact of his STEM story.  Stuart always felt a calling to be the “geek interpreter” as he had an amazing ability to communicate and understand the business behind science.  He has over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and in 2012, broke […]

043 Satellites and Security, with Rachel Gupton

Join us in this episode as we discover the story of Rachel Gupton.  We find her at the intersection of National Security and Philanthropy making a difference in STEM.  This Rockstar scientist is a native New Mexican serving the state and the nation with her talents and smarts!  We are so thankful that she made time in her full schedule […]

042 Meow Wolf and Interactive STEAM, with Danika Padilla

In this week’s episode, Bob and Shelly travel to another dimension where STEM is STEAM and listeners receive a behind the scenes tour of Meow Wolf.  Part art exhibit, part interactive museum, Meow Wolf has taken hold and is launching into the stratosphere, started by a group of 10 artists and the generous support of George R.R. Martin whose series […]

041 NASA Social Media to Space, with Shelly Gruenig

For this special episode, our co-host, Shelly, moves into the interview seat so that she can share about her recent trip to the NASA Earth Ventures Social.  The social was hosted by NASA to share about five airborne campaigns across the United States in 2020 to investigate fundamental processes that ultimately impact human lives and the environment, from snowstorms along the East […]

040 Tips for Entering the STEM Workforce Pipeline, with Skyler Nix

In our first episode of 2020, you will hear from our guest, Skyler Nix, who shares his message on personal branding and what he learned during his recent STEM job search.  He will also share key points on talent acquisition and the importance of knowing what you want out of a job search.  We discuss tips to make solid connections […]

039 The BEST Robotics Story, with Ted Mahler and Steve Marum

Ted Mahler and Steve Marum were coworkers at Texas Instruments in 1993 when they had a crazy idea. Their idea was the beginning of a competitive robotics program that has influenced our family life as well as hundreds of thousands of others across the country. These two down-to-earth men are still actively involved in STEM enrichment even today and two […]

038 From Educator to NASA Engineer, with George Gorospe

Today’s guest is a true STEM Rockstar! After being raised in the Southwest, George Gorospe left behind all that he knew and headed east to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. The adjustment was tough for George, but with family support, and the support of other Native Americans at Dartmouth College, he made it work. His journey included a stint as […]

037 Less Pink, More Think, with Emily Ganley and Delaney Heileman

This week’s episode of STEM Southwest finds Bob and Shelly in deep conversation with two young engineers from the University of New Mexico. Emily and Delaney, who have been active leaders of the UNM chapter of the Society of Women in Engineering and just returned from the national conference. Conversation covers everything from women in STEM to the power of […]