064 Money and Risk, with Ann Shubert

Today’s interview is a follow-up with Financial expert, Ann Shubert.  It is our first podcast built to help with the money questions that you have.  Join us as we get beginner tips for those just starting out on their financial journey, as well as those for professionals with retirement nearing.  Great tips for STEM entrepreneurs and advice that you don’t […]

063 Kicking Off 2021, with Bob and Shelly

This week, we start off 2021 with a special peek into the lives of our hosts, Bob and Shelly.  They are no longer hiding behind the microphone because their podcast editor has convinced them to give listeners more.  So, now you cannot only listen to the podcast, but if you choose, you can watch the video recording on their YouTube […]

062 The Dirty Little Secret, with Dr. Gary Selwyn

Join Bob and Shelly this week and get the scoop on a dirty little science secret that the textile industry doesn’t want you to know.  Our guest, Gary S. Selwyn, a retired Los Alamos National Laboratory chemist, shares his discoveries and innovations that have him learning a lot about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval process as he works […]

061 Connecting the Stars in NewSpace, with Casey Anglada DeRaad

Working to make New Mexico the first choice for the space industry today’s guest is investing her retirement years in this mission.  Breaking down walls and silos helps to create a rich ecosystem that will benefit the entire Southwest region and lead to a greater economic impact.  Space is more than a $350 billion industry.  It has increased tenfold over […]

060 Making Money and Delighting Audiences Using Technology, with Erika Hecht

Today’s guest is an expert in using technology to advance business and learning.  Erika Hecht is the CEO of Market Ascent and shares her thoughts and expertise on how we can make money and delight audiences in order to make a greater impact using technology and tools to create amazing online experiences. Show Notes Fall STEM Learning offered by Be Greater […]

059 Blasting Off with the U.S. Space Force, with Gabe Mounce and Captain Roger Anderson

In this special episode, we hear from two members of the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), Gabe Mounce and Captain Roger Anderson, as we discuss the innovative programs that AFRL is using to connect business and government through technology and innovation.  Show Notes Fall STEM Learning offered by Be Greater Than Average – online and in-person for learners. Also, check out the Be Greater […]

057 Powering up for the 21st Century, with Alaric Babej and Jon Hawkins

We often take electricity technology for granted, until it isn’t there anymore.  With one flip of a light switch, we become part of the largest machine in the country!  During this week’s episode, we will explore the importance of and developments in renewable energy, what careers are available, and how local and regional power companies are partnering with consumers to […]

056 From Math to Money, with Ann Shubert

As a girl, Ann dreamed of being an astrophysicist.  Her journey into a STEM career led her into the defense industry.  After years of success, she enrolled in an MBA program and there, during a math class, she had the opportunity to help other women understand.  That moment, when she taught until “the light came on,” and her classmates’ new […]

055 Text Messaging to Space, with M. Brian Barnett

Inspired by the Apollo missions to the moon, Brian Barnett has been dreaming of being an astronaut since he was a little boy.  Not only does he plan to be a commercial astronaut in the near future, but he also hopes to inspire a new generation in the race to space. His innovation and ideas have led him to develop […]